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Talent Strategy
Each person's knowledge and ability are not the same, in specific areas can play to their strengths. Eaststar depending on the characteristics of various types of talent, and strive to put people on the most suitable positions, to maximize the role of human resources, to make the best use. Eaststar respect their personal ambition, attention to realize the value of talent for talent to provide a platform to display their talents.
Make the best use
Eaststar encourage employees to their expertise in their respective positions, making full use of the knowledge to practical work, to "make the best use." Eaststar through a variety of incentive systems, training, promotion, development opportunities to improve the proactivity of employees, maximize employee talent, improve work efficiency.
Ability and political integrity
"Germany" directly determine each person's specific advantages and disadvantages of working attitude, ability to work level and work values, "only" that intelligence and ability, which is that people understand the world and transform the world's talents and abilities. Talent to simultaneously have the "moral" and "just." If a person only "only" no "Germany", then the more there is "only" the greater the harm to the company; if a person only "virtue" no "only", then it can not contribute more to the company's intelligence . Eaststar before the election, with only the standard to be "both ability and integrity," in order to encourage excellence, loyalty and high sense of responsibility to join the elite.
Common development
Eaststar's development is inseparable from the efforts of staff, the staff at the same time Eaststar development has also made its own development, Eaststar and staff as a whole, woe, through thick and thin. Eaststar tirelessly to provide a variety of development opportunities for employees, so that employees in knowledge, skills, work would be enhanced, and ultimately Eaststar and employees, "and common development."
Personnel policy
Eaststar on the "ability and political integrity," the staff to give appropriate opportunities for development, through the provision of jobs increase, giving the project an important role in other ways, to meet Eaststar development of staff training, making Eaststar the core layer. Eaststar not only the importance of knowledge, more emphasis on the ability of employees, as long as the outstanding employee performance, the effect is significant, it can be bold appointment, entrusted with the task.
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