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CaCO3 Powder ultra fine grinding mill

JL series vertical grinding mill is an ideal equipment of powder grinding industry, incorporate crushing, milling, classifying, conveying into an organic whole. Widely used in calcium carbonate, talcum, iron powder, carbon black, bentonite, molybdenum, limestone, wollastonite, dolomite, mica,superfine cement, power, metallurgy, chemical industry etc. used for grind lump, granulate and floury raw material into required powdered material. 


Main structure:

This mill is include powder concentrator, roller device, grinding disc device, pressure device, reducer, electric motor, air blower, shell etc.

Operating principle:

The electric motor drive the grinding disc device rotate through the reducer, the material move to the edge of the grinding disc under centrifugal force, rolled by the roller and crushed when go through the ring groove on the grinding disc. The crushed material go up by the jet stream on the edge of grinding disc, the coarse particle fall on the grinding disc directly. When the material in the jet stream through upper separator the coarse powder fall on the grinding disc from the cone re grinding under the action of rotating rotor, the qualified fine powder come out along with the airflow, the dust collector collect it then be the product. It can be different fineness degree by adjust the separator.

Main characters:

Low investment cost

Incorporate crushing, grinding, classifying, conveying as an organic whole, simple system, compact layout, cover about 50% area of ball mill system, meanwhile can open installed, so it largely reduce investment cost.

Low operating cost

High efficiency grinding: the roller grinding directly on the grinding disc to grind the material, low energy consumption, save energy about 30-40% compare to the ball mill system. 

Less wear

Since the grinding roller not direct contact the grinding disc, also the roller and the liner plate are made of excellent material, so its lifetime is ling, less wear.

Simple operation:

Reliable operation, automatic control system, remote control, simple operation. Prevent the roll ring and liner plate direct contact the device, avoid destructive impact and strong vibration.

Steady product quality

Since the material staying time in the mill is short, it is easy to control the product fineness and test the chemical composition, so it can decrease re grinding, stabilize the product quality.

Convenient maintenance

Change roll ring and liner plate through examine and repair the cylinder and flip boom, convenient and speedily, reduce losses of closing down.

Meet the environmental protection requirement

Less vibration, low noise, wholly leak-tight equipment, operate under negative pressure, no dust overflow, clean environment, and meet the environmental protection requirement.

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